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Established by Nevin Roach during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, PanoGrama Entertainment is one of the world's premier virtual steelpan event production companies. Its flagship event, PanoGrama, united the international steelpan community and brought joy to the hearts of many, as soloists from around the world competed against each other.


A virtual concert series called PanMotion was subsequently created. "Live • Love • Play • Enjoy" 

The Founder

Roach is one who calmly says he was raised by a single mother, but told himself, he knew he had a life to live; will like to make his family proud; be someone other boys could look ‘up’ to; be the male parents would want their daughter to bring home, and overall; leave a good footprint in the global sand.

He started taking piano lessons and music exams at age 10 years via the Trinity College London, Roach progressed through...

Nevin Roach


Pan Trinbago

The World Governing Body of Steelpan

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