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PanMotion concerts to keep pannists online

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Melissa Doughty - Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

HE first brought Panograma, the Instagram pan competition held during the height of covid19 restrictions and lockdowns. Now Nevin Roach has devised another online pan event to keep the national instrument in the public’s consciousness during the pandemic.

The Tobago pannist held Panograma from April 24-May 3.

In WhatsApp responses to Newsday, Roach said Panmotion was “born to provide more opportunities for pannists to promote their talents.”

Panmotion is an online concert series where a selected pannist will play a selection of songs for one hour every Thursday, starting from June 11. Panmotion will run until the end of August and will feature local, regional and international pannists.

“On the heels of a historic and successful Panograma, many people were left wanting more. However, I knew it would be too much to pull off another huge undertaking of the same level or higher in quick succession, and there were many things I wanted to improve on first. I also wanted Panograma to be a platform that was more than just an entertaining competition,” he said.


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