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Participants praise PanoGrama

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Written by Kallejhay Terrelonge

Megan-Leigh Langton-Attang during her NLCB PanoGrama semifinals performance
Megan-Leigh Langton-Attang during her NLCB PanoGrama semifinals performance

After weeks of captivating and energetic performances, participants of the 2021 NLCB PanoGrama competition are sharing their gratitude for the fantastic event. The competition, which is dubbed the ‘World Cup of steelpan’, hosted 30 participants from across the Caribbean, Canada, France, England and the US, all of whom showed great appreciation for the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Third-place winner and people’s choice awardee, Tyeesha Alexander, was one of many who shared her excitement and gratitude via Facebook. She said the competition not only fostered growth but allowed contestants to discover their true capabilities.

“The best part of the competition is that through it we discover what we are capable of and how much more we can do than we ever believed possible,” said Alexander.

Unlike any other, PanoGrama not only seeks to display these musical geniuses but help them develop their talents as well. It came as no surprise that many participants found value in the ‘Knowledge for Success’ webinar series conducted prior to the competition.

“I will proudly walk away with everything that I have learned because it wasn’t just a competition” Maurisha Potter of Antigua and Barbuda said. She believes that anyone who is considering PanoGrama in the future should definitely go for it. Semifinalist Megan-Leigh Langton-Attang of Trinidad and Tobago also commended the webinar series saying that she “learned a lot through the education arm”. She was also able to expand her professional network, display her hard work and build an audience because of her participation. “Although I did not make it to the final round I have no regrets in participating, as I have gained so much more.”

Participants also did not fail to praise the organiser of the competition Nevin Roach and his team for their excellent planning and execution of the event.

“He was very interactive and respondent with any questions I had regarding the competition and was hell-bent on being as flexible as he could, to support our endeavours in the competition,” said David Yundi who made PanoGrama his very first competition. France’s Mathieu Borgne, also shared his sentiments, thanking Nevin for all he was doing to help pan players.

PanoGrama took place from May 3 – 22, 2021 and was won by Keishaun Julien of Trinidad and Tobago. International steelpan enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the third edition of the competition next year.


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