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Registration is open to pannists from any part of the world at a cost of $25USD. Deadline for registration is April 23, 2020 at 12:00pm AST.





Each soloist would be required to perform for a maximum of three (3) minutes for a live audience on Instagram @inev88. Performances should be structured as follows:

  • Introductory passage

  • Verse

  • Chorus

  • Variations/Improvisations


Soloists are also strongly encouraged to ensure the following are secured for their performance:

  • Strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection

  • Well-lit and quiet area for their performance

  • Smartphone with decent quality camera

  • Instagram account

  • Instrumentals or tracks for accompaniment

Use of the E-Pan 

The use of traditional pans is encouraged however, pannists will be allowed to use the e-pan under the following conditions:

  • Only the steelpan tone will be permitted

  • Striking chords of more than two (2) notes is prohibited

  • The selected range cannot be changed at any point during the performance

Pannists will face point deductions or possible disqualification for not complying with the conditions above.

Tune of Choice

Soloists are allowed to make selections from any genre of music for their performance. However, the same selection cannot be used in subsequent rounds of the competition.

Time Violation

Soloists performing beyond the allotted time would face a 3-point deduction from each judge, for music played in excess of 3 minutes 30 seconds.




A panel of three (3) judges, based on a set criteria and breakdown, will judge soloists. The average of the three (3) total scores would be used as a soloist’s final score. The judges’ decision is final.


Criteria/Points Breakdown (100)

  • Variations/Solo Improvisation (50)

    • Technicality​ (20)

    • Flow (10)

    • Melodic Interest (10)

    • General (10)

  • Execution (20)

    • Melody (5)

    • Harmonies (5)

    • Dynamics (5)

    • Rhythm & Technique (5)

  • Performance (20)

    • Attire & Environment (5)

    • Presentation (5)

    • Creativity (10)

  • Crowd Response (10)


The number of pannists that will progress to the semifinals would be determined once registration is closed. However, there will only be ten (10) finalists, who would each perform a set test piece and a tune of their choice.

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