NLCB PanoGrama 2021



May 7 – 22, 2021

Prelims: May 7-9

Semifinals: May 13

Finals: May 22


How can you participate?

The NLCB PanoGrama is the World Cup of Steelpan. It's an international steelpan competition and solo musicians from anywhere in the world are welcomed. In order to participate, you are required to audition (more info here) from February 28 – March 21, 2021. A panel would select Twenty-nine (29) musicians for the preliminary round.


The competition will feature a maximum of thirty (30) musicians. One (1) spot is reserved for the current defending champion.


Prelims, Semifinals & Finals

A maximum of thirty (30) musicians would compete in the prelims and a total of twenty (20) would progress to the semifinals. There will only be ten (10) finalists.



There are no registration fees associated with the competition. Participants would be encouraged to make an optional donation to PanoGrama Entertainment to aid its charity drive.





  • $1,000.00 USD

  • All-expenses-paid trip to Canada to perform for Sons of Steel (5-day trip). *Terms and conditions apply

  • Virtual one-on-one session with world-renowned steelpannist, Victor Provost

  • 1 x Augustus Peters Steelpans Chrome Low C Tenor Pan Package (Tenor pan, case, stand and sticks)



  • $800.00 USD

  • Virtual one-on-one session with world-renowned steelpannist, Victor Provost.



  • $500.00 USD

  • Virtual one-on-one session with world-renowned steelpannist, Victor Provost.


Special Awards

  • People’s Choice

  • Best Dressed


All Finalists

All finalists will receive an appearance fee (To be confirmed)

All Semifinalists

All semifinalists will receive a promotional copy of the #1 Steelpan App GOLD

All Participants

All participants will receive a pair of pan sticks courtesy The MalletMan

Knowledge for Success 

All participants who make it into the preliminary round of the NLCB PanoGrama will have the opportunity to benefit from webinars covering the following areas:

  • Personal/Professional Development

  • Musical Development

  • Career Guidance+

  • Music & Business




Musicians would be required to perform a tune of choice for a maximum of 4 minutes 30 seconds accompanied by backing tracks, for each round of the competition. The creation of custom backing tracks is encouraged.


Backing tracks must be soundtracks/accompaniment only and should not contain the melody of the selection.


Variations can be pre-composed and must represent the musician’s original ideas. Improvising is not mandatory.


Tune of Choice

Selections can be made from any genre of music for performance(s). Should a musician progress in the competition, that musician cannot use the same selection again.



Musicians are free to use any steelpan of their choice and the changing of instruments across rounds is allowed (i.e. A musician who played tenor for the preliminary round can switch to double seconds for the semifinals, should they qualify). There is no limit to the number of steelpans that can be used for a performance.


Where there is a tie in the prelims or semifinals that increases the total number of musicians allowed to progress to the next round, each musician would be required to perform for two (2) minutes on the same track, selected by the NLCB PanoGrama, and be judged on variations. The higher scorer would progress. For example, if there is a tie for 20th in the prelims or 10th in the semifinals, this tie-breaker would apply.

All ties in the finals will remain as is with the exception of ties for first. The musicians involved in a tie for first will perform for two (2) on the same track, selected by the NLCB PanoGrama, and be judged on variations.


Use of the Electronic Pans 

The use of electronic steelpans will be allowed under the conditions that only the steelpan tone will be permitted and striking chords of more than four (4) notes is prohibited.



Musicians would require:

  • Strong Wi-Fi

  • Well-lit and quiet area for performance

  • Camera or smartphone with the capability of recording in 1080p

  • Tripod

  • Backing tracks for accompaniment​

  • Talent and professionalism