Adjudicators & Criteria 2021



A panel of five (5) adjudicators will judge musicians for the prelims, semis and finals. The average of the judges’ total score will be used as a musician’s final score in the round for which the scores were given.


Musician's Score

(Score 1 + Score 2 + Score 3 + Score 4 + Score 5)/5


Criteria/Points Breakdown

Each judge will adjudicate musicians out of a total of 100 points according to the following criteria:


Introduction & Ending (10)


  • Introduction (5) – The musician’s ability to create a preamble that would lead into the original verse and chorus

  • Ending (5) - The musician's ability to to effectively conclude the rendition


Variations [Pre-composed or Improvised] (50)


  • Motivic Relevance (15) – The ability of the musician to manipulate motifs from the original piece

  • Melodic Interest (15) – The ability of the musician to explore the concept of the original statement within the variations/solos

  • Technicality (10) – The level of skill used effectively to execute the music

  • Flow/Structure (10) – The overall shape or organisation of the rendition


Execution (20)


  • Melody (5) – The ability of the musician to establish the concept of the original tune

  • Harmony (5) – The musician’s ability to create interesting harmonic combinations at various points of the rendition

  • Expression (5) – The ability to use dynamics and other forms of articulation effectively

  • Rhythm & Technique (5) – The ability of the musician to maintain consistency in tempo. Deliberate tempo choices should be evident. The manner in which notes are struck throughout the execution of the tune will be considered also


Performance (20)


  • Attire​ (5) – The costuming of the musician as it relates to the theme of the rendition

  • Tone (5) – Steelpans must be well tuned

  • Presentation (5) – The enhancement of the musician’s performance space as it relates to the theme of the rendition

  • Creativity (5) – The ability of the musician to push the envelope


Time Violation

Musicians performing beyond the allotted time of 4 minutes and 30 seconds will face a 5-point deduction from each adjudicator. Performances under three (3) minutes would not be accepted.


Violations (Electronic Pans)

The use of electronic steelpans will be allowed under the following conditions:

  • Only the steelpan tone will be permitted

  • Striking chords of more than four (4) notes is prohibited

Musicians using electronic steelpans who do not comply with the stipulated conditions for use will face a 5-point deduction from each judge.



The clock starts running for a performance when the track starts or when the first note is struck, whichever comes first. The clock will stop when the track ends.


Victor Provost

Victor Provost (US Virgin Islands)

Victor Provost is one of a small group of musicians who have tirelessly sought to change popular misconceptions about the role of the steelpans (aka steel drums) in jazz. In addition to being a pannist, he is a composer, educator, and recording artist.

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David 'ZigE' Walcott

David 'ZigE' Walcott (Barbados)

David 'ZigE' Walcott affectionately called ZigE has been described by one critic as a remarkable musician who plays with great sensitivity, virtuoso technique and full command of the challenging instrument – the steel pan. At the tender age of 13, ‘ZigE’ began 

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Liam Teague

Professor Liam Teague (T&T)

Liam Teague is Professor of Music and Head of Steelpan studies at Northern Illinois University (NIU), where he also directs the renowned NIU Steelband. Teague is also the recipient of an NIU Presidential Research, Scholarship and Artistry Professor Award.

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Ojay Richards

Ojay Richards (T&T)

Ojay Richards is a pannist, arranger and composer, who had an early introduction to steelpan at the age of 5. His journey started with the Our Boys Steel Orchestra in Tobago, with whom he made his Panorama debut. It was the experience of Panorama that made Ojay fall in love with the steelpan with hopes to win all titles at the Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama.

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Andy Chichester (Grenada)

The name Andy Chichester is probably best known throughout the Caribbean as a steelpan adjudicator as he has been adjudicating many steelpan competitions in the region. From his introduction as an adjudicator in 2002 for Pan Trinbago, Andy has been one of the most sort-after steelpan music adjudicators for other carnivals and festivals in the region to this day. He has been a Caribbean Examination Council music examiner/moderator in 

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