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Antigua and Barbuda’s first female Panorama arranger ripples the PanMotion waters

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Written by: Sandra L Blood

Securing a Bachelor's degree in music performance with concentration on steel pan, she’s currently pursuing a Masters of Music Degree at the Northern Illinois University with same focus, guided by her philosophy that, patience, dedication, an open mind, and a drive to learn as much as she can, are qualities she needs to embed to become a better educator, performer, arranger and/or composer.

She began playing the steel pan at 12 years, seeing five years following, Zahra Lake of Antigua and Barbuda, beginning to teach music theory and steelpan classes at the Le Chateau D’or Music Academy’s Annual Summer Camp, and the eighth year subsequent to, becoming the first female arranger for the Antigua’s National Panorama with the Panache Steel Orchestra in 2017.

Her love for the art form and experiences with people involved in playing the steel pan, would see her also becoming the first female to grace the PanMotion virtual concert series’ stage on August 13, at 8P.M., throwing down the Zahra Lake Experience for one hour, where she delivered 12 tunes of varied waves.

Helping her ripple through the waters were her guest tenor panist, Maurisha Potter and musical support team, Ibiko Pelle on drums and Jamoy Morrison, keyboard, completing the tide of tunes: Antigua by Roland Prince; Beautiful Love, Victor Young; There Will Never Be Another You, Harry Warren; What's Going On, Marvin Gaye; Georgia On My Mind, Ray Charles; Savannah Grass, Kes; Rainorama, Lord Kitchener; Caribbean Connection, Merchant; and a medley comprising Year for Love, Cheers to Life and Far From Finish, Voice.

Lake extended appreciation to the PanoGrama Entertainment for the great job they are doing during the global pandemic, expressing that, “things have gotten challenging for the entertainer, and streaming music online is really a great addition to our lives.”

Thanking all who made the concert possible, she identifies her musical team, guest artiste, videographer Malik Smith, Sound Engineers and Lighting Managers, Kimdale Mc Kella and Garvin Francis, live and virtual audience and, Nevin Roach.

Born in Antigua and Barbuda in 1991 to parents Cynthia Haynes-Lake and Patrick Lake, Lake grew up in the Gray’s Farm community, later relocating to Scott’s Hill, Antigua. She feels privileged to have been strengthened by the likes of Anthony Hampson, Cleo-Antoinette Hampson-Cordice, Veron Henry, Khan Cordice, and Gavin Francis.

In 2018, Lake led the Panache Steel Orchestra to winning their first National Panorama Title, making her another first, this time, female arranger to win Antigua’s National Panorama. In 2019, Lake was awarded with the Antigua and Barbuda National Youth Award 2018, in the “Young Pioneer” category.

In same vein PanoGrama apologises for the absence of concerts on August 06 and July 30, they show appreciation for the celebration of the month of pan (August) initiated by T&T, by extending Happy Pan Month 2020, while urging all to “share the sweet sounds of pan.”

PanoGrama Entertainment is pleased to announce, that notwithstanding trying entertainment times on the virtual and physical platforms, they have enjoyed 1000 peak-live viewers for the first time with a record of 1700 viewers registered.

Scheduled to deliver more sweet sounds of pan, on August 20, at 8 P.M. is Mark Ford of Barbados.

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