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Cadette excited for third PanoGrama appearance

Written by: Jodia Givans

Jamel Cadette performing live for a concert
Jamel Cadette performing live for a concert

Third time’s the charm, or in this case, the time to shine for Jamel Cadette who is just as passionate and delighted as he was two years ago when the event was first staged. The eighteen-year-old pannist has consistently displayed great skill, and vibrancy during each attempt to take home the title and top prize.

Cadette noted that he is encouraged to participate each year because it creates a platform for exposure. “I appreciate the environment, I also love the fact that I get to compete against some of the best steelpan soloist in the industry,” he shared during an interview.

He added that the first year of the competition allowed him to do some reflecting and improve on his skills.

“In my first year I made it to the semi-finals and what I learnt was that I needed do a lot more personal practice because I was improvising. That showed me I had to improve my preparation for the competition,” Cadette added.

The musician also noted that in this year’s competition he is looking forward to everyone having confidence and putting their best foot forward.

Last year Cadette made it to the finals of the competition which always boasts entrants from various countries. However, he was not a part of the top three finalists.

Each year, the young pannist continues to make greater comebacks and there is no doubt that this year he will do an excellent job.

Cadette’s musical journey began at age 11. At the time, he was a part of a small conventional band called ‘Musical Gems.’ He has been a part of several musical organizations which groomed him for PanoGrama and other prestigious musical competitions.

In 2015, Cadette was a part of ‘Birdsong Academy’ where he laid the foundation for his musical career by learning to read and write music. Over the years, Cadette through his early musical experience has made significant contributions to various competitions. He has taught and inspired many and has received awards for being an outstanding student arranger among other awards.

With such experience Cadette is expected to bring, high energy, professionalism, and his skills this year.

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