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Pannist to help players with online PanoGrama

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Melissa Doughty - Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

IT’S Panograma on Instagram. Nevin Roach, TT pannist and sports co-ordinator at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus, Barbados, is the mastermind behind Panograma.

The entertainment industry has been one of the hardest hit by the covid19 pandemic. However, entertainers and artistes have switched to online platforms, many hosting online concerts and events. Panograma is offering pannists that opportunity to perform online as well. Panograma will consist of prelims (April 24-26), semi-finals (April 30-May 1) and the final on May 3 and will feature solo players from around the world. Pannists can register for US$25 and registration ends on April 23.

The winner receives US$500 and an online session with a world-renowned pannist; second place gets US$200 and a session with the world-renowned pannist and third place collects US$100 and three pairs of pan sticks.

Roach, in a phone interview with Newsday, said he came up with the idea after viewing a live event and having a desire to help his fellow pannists.

“The world is facing a pandemic. This is just the solo edition. It is an idea where I have a lot more plans to develop it.

“A lot of the world is lockdown and people cannot go out to play gigs. There is not an awful lot going on. While I was watching a live stream, it was very entertaining and I thought to myself, ‘Nevin you know you could actually do something similar but tweak it to suit the pan,’” he said.

Roach quickly put the idea in action.

Roach’s website on Panograma says, “Panograma (Panorama on Instagram) was created to: provide a platform through which pannists can showcase their talent globally; provide an opportunity for pannists to potentially earn during these difficult times; contribute to youth and cultural development and provide fresh entertainment to a starved international pan community.”

He said a lot of pannists cannot go out and make money and Panograma gives them an opportunity to earn. Roach does not have sponsors and is doing this out of his own pocket. So far, he has received a lot of feedback. He might not be able to hit the targets he set for himself this year but hopes to achieve those targets as the online event develops.

He said it is also gearing up to be a production, as he tries to get some well-known soca artistes to perform but he did not say who.

“I want to give people that entertainment to make them feel like they’ve left home and had a good time.”

He also hopes to do some fundraising while hosting the live event which will then be used to help pannists in need.

Roach began playing pan in 2004 at secondary school and has since played at many regional panoramas as well as for various bands in TT including Katzenjammers.

Those interested in viewing can visit Roach’s instagram page – @iNEV88 – and join the live event which starts from 7 pm.

“I am just trying to contribute to the artform,” he said.

For more info on Panograma: www.


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