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PanoGrama: Beyond the Competition

Written by: Keishaun Julien

The dawn of yet another year of the International PanoGrama competition is upon us. I participated in the competition since its inception in 2020, and was the 2021 winner. Although I have made a personal decision not to compete in 2022, I have had many meaningful experiences as a result of being a PanoGrama participant. Furthermore, I think that PanoGrama is a great platform for steelpan soloists to expand their skills and express themselves musically in a creative way.

Here are some of the things I valued as a participant in PanoGrama:


Building your professional network is essential to successfully navigating your field of expertise. Taking part in PanoGrama has enabled me to connect with other steelpan musicians around the world who I have been able to share ideas with on various projects outside of the competition.

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