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PanoGrama Entertainment keen on providing opportunities for youth

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

PanoGrama Entertainment: Press Release

Dana Malcolm, PE's first intern.
Dana Malcolm, PE's first intern.

PanoGrama Entertainment (PE) is dedicated to the advancement of youths and their development. As a result, we have established a professional relationship with the University of the West Indies Mona Campus to provide training experience for interns studying Journalism at the Caribbean School of Media and Communication (CARIMAC).

While completing their internship, students will gain work experience in journalism and are expected to demonstrate the knowledge and skills obtained at CARIMAC. They will also learn time management skills, effective communication skills and be assisted in the development of proper work ethics and interpersonal skills. Students will also be able to build their portfolios and, in some cases, have their work published by notable media houses on various platforms.

Since we started the programme in April, we have worked with three incredible young women: Dana Malcolm, Tamoy Ashman and Kallejhay Terrelonge. Each intern has made significant contributions to PanoGrama Entertainment, and we are proud of their work and accomplishments.

For each, the experience has been fantastic and they have all given their testimony about the excellence of the programme and its impact on their development not only as future journalists but as youths hoping to make a difference in society.

“It has been an extraordinary experience, I have learned a lot and gained knowledge that I know will help me in my field of study,” said Kallejhay, while Dana indicated that “It was a very fulfilling and learning experience. The reception was warm and professional, and I felt like part of a team where my ideas were valued.”

For Tamoy, it was the guidance she received from PE’s CEO Nevin Roach that made an impact.

“Mr. Roach was always there to give advice or answer any questions that I had. I received feedback on my writing multiple times," Ashman said. She also says the experience was an enjoyable one that allowed her to grow both as a future journalist and a person.

The internship programme has been a success thus far and we will be embarking on a journey to implement additional youth programmes in the future. We recognise how opportunities such as these are integral to future professionals’ growth and development, and we look forward to making a greater impact in the Caribbean.


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