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When Steel Talks: PanoGrama 2021 - A Review

Written by Andre Moses

The PanoGrama’s virtual steelpan tour took its audience, from the Caribbean around the world and back, sampling an eclectic mix of musical genres, constructing storylines influenced by Soca, Soul, Disco, Rhythm and Blues, Latin, Pop, Reggae, and Calypso music.

The music of the show was also full of personality and personalities: cool, brash, quirky, suave, confident, anxious, professional, bubbly or shy, representing the performer’s particular vibe on set, on that day, at that point in their particular journey of self-discovery. Not only did the PanoGrama performers play as they felt; they also dressed as they wanted to project themselves. Some in formal attire, others bedecked in varying colour palettes, ranging from shimmering glitz to vivid Caribbean hues. Add to this an assortment of wigs, a blindfold, a pandemic mask and a horn-themed headpiece and you get the picture, the PanoGrama brand was also about storytelling.


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